Comfort Talk Training Options

Comfort Talk® provides training in classroom settings, online, and/or in our Virtual Realty Comfort Talk Training Center. We provide you or your staff with an opportunity to earn CE Credits while learning effective patient-interaction skills. We welcome an opportunity to custom design a continuing education program, either onsite or online, to specifically suit your requirements and meet your needs.
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Comfort Talk Online Training (Level 1)
This is a 20 segment interactive module you can access from the convenience of your home or office. Comfort Talk ® Online Training is a Level 1 program and is approved for continuing education credits. Psychologists, Nurses, Dental Professionals, and Social Workers may earn 12 hours of continuing education credits. Radiologic Technologists may earn 6A+ credits through ASRT. All credits require passing a post-test exam.
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Combined Online Live Training (Level 2)
Comfort Talk Level 1 Online training precedes a one-day live experience of intensive classroom training, small group practice, and exercises designed to prepare you for immediate use in your practice. You can earn up to 20 continuing education credits for the combined activity. Dates and location are to be found under Events Level 2 Live Training.

Institutional Comfort Talk Intensive Core Group Training
This course is designed for institutions and practices. It comprises two 3-day visits, each with one day of classroom training plus two days of onsite training support for practical skill application with patients; two additional 1-2 day visits for onsite training support over 6 months; and one year web-based support for trainees to develop and fine tune site-specific behaviors and language preferences. This training creates a core team that can change the culture to a more patient-centered and less stressful work environment. The training also facilitates modeling for support staff who do not take the Core Group Training.
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Institutional Comfort Talk Train the Trainer Course
This course teaches onsite core team members at institutions and practices to become onsite Comfort Talk ® Trainers. Our training provides your staff an opportunity to earn CE Credits and Comfort Talk ® Trainer Certification as they learn effective patient-interaction skills. It includes web-based interactive training and classroom practice onsite or offsite, training materials, onsite observation and feedback during the initial training efforts of the trainers, and one year web-based trainer support. Materials and web support for subsequent trainees of the Trained Trainers will be subscription based depending on number of trainees.
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Become a Trainer
Comfort Talk trainers are experienced medical or healthcare professionals who have undergone additional Comfort Talk training to be proficient in subject matter, clinical use, and educational techniques that maximize learning for the our trainees. Trainers are thoroughly vetted by Comfort Talk and are tested for their abilities during live training events, clinical observation (live or in the VR environment), submission of appropriate case materials, and  passing of tests.
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Comfort Talk App
The Comfort Talk® App provides step-by-step directions to guide patients through their natural mental ability to block pain,reduce stress, and bolster self-confidence without the use of medication, either at home or on the go. The Comfort Talk App provides fast relief when—and where—patients need it. The app also helps you as medical provider to familiarize yourself with Comfort Talk language styles and build up your own confidence when needed.
Developed for the iPad and iPhone, with Android application pending, it is now available for take-along personal use. We can also customize the app with an institutional branding and specific information such as directions and instructions.
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