Comfort Talk Level 1 & 2 Training
September 11, 2017
at the Harvard Club in Boston, Massachusetts

Comfort Talk®—the world’s leading drug-free method in reducing patient anxiety, pain, and distress—has a very special opportunity for healthcare professionals who will be in Boston on September 11th.

For the first time, we are offering a bundle of our online training course along with our one-day live training experience!

The live training will be conducted on September 11, 2017 from 8:00am to 5:00pm at the Harvard Club, 1 Federal Street, Boston, MA during a concurrent Trainer Training. As a bonus you can participate for free on 12 September 8AM to noon at the Trainer Session.

Early sign-up: $499 includes both online and classroom experience, training materials, lunch, and coffee breaks at the Harvard Club

$350 for those who already took our online course Comfort Talk® Level 1 training and only want to participate in our 1 Day Classroom Experience.

You will learn how to:

  • Gain instant rapport and cooperation with your patients
  • Diffuse tension
  • Effectively guide your patients to a relaxed state
  • Relieve pain, reduce anxiety, and diminish distressing thoughts
  • Make medical procedures less stressful, safer, and more comfortable

The online training course consists of 20 interactive segments and is available for immediate access.

On May 19, 2017 Comfort Talk® Founder and President, Dr. Elvira Lang will personally host the special 1-day Comfort Talk® live workshop for medical professionals at the famed Harvard Club in Boston. The one-day live experience comprises intensive training, small group practice, and exercises designed to prepare you for immediate introduction at your facility.

The course is based on the experience of 20 years of rigorous research in clinical practice and the training of healthcare professionals.

With this course, you can earn up to 20 CE’s! Click HERE for details about CEs.

As a healthcare professional, you undoubtedly know that stress and worry are common impediments to a satisfying medical experience. Comfort Talk® is a straight-forward, sensible method for decreasing the anxiety, stress, and potential pain found in many medical settings.

If you serve as a nurse, radiologist, technologist, physician, psychologist, or dentist, or in any capacity in the medical profession, please consider joining us for this important, career-enhancing course.

The course size is limited to ensure sufficient workshop and practice time for all attendees. Please call today and reserve your spot. In addition, you will get instant access to begin your study immediately.

If you have any questions call 617-734-9087


Comfort Talk® Levels 1 & 2 Training

$499 includes both online and classroom experience, training materials, lunch, and coffee breaks at the Harvard Club.

$350 for those who already took our online course Comfort Talk® Level 1 training and only want to participate in our Level 2 Training classroom. Use coupon code: LEVEL2


The Workshop Trainer

Comfort Talk® Founder & President, Dr. Elvira Lang

Elvira Lang, MD, is an award-winning interventional radiologist known for her research on the clinical effectiveness and cost savings of pre- and intra-procedural hypnotic interventions. She has held faculty positions at the University of Heidelberg, Stanford University, the University of Iowa, and Harvard Medical School. Doctor Lang is the co-author of Patient Sedation Without Medication—the landmark book on non-pharmacologic analgesia methods. In more than 150 research papers and chapters, Dr. Lang has analyzed medical procedures and interactions with healthcare professionals as well as the effects of patient factors on outcomes. She developed and rigorously tested the training methods used in Comfort Talk®. Her research work has been acknowledged with the Ernest R. Hilgard Award for Scientific Excellence for a Lifetime of Published Work. Dr. Lang has been featured extensively in the popular press and on television.

2 responses to “
Comfort Talk Level 1 & 2 Training
September 11, 2017
at the Harvard Club in Boston, Massachusetts

  1. Anne says:

    How many pages to read on daily basis ? (Not everybody reads quickly, so good to know)

    How many days or weeks to prepare level 1, and level 2?

    For level 1, is it important to respect the time allocated or we can adapt it to our activities?

    I’m a physiotherapist working n humanitarian field & I guess you did develop the cultural side or other communication tools to be used with other cultures?

    No equivalent in french?

    • Elvira Lang says:

      Hi Anne,
      Level 1 is online and has 20 interactive segments. They are short so you can do them whenever you have some extra time. They don’t have to be done in one setting. It is even preferable to do one segment at a time. You then can immediately apply the skills of the session with patients or other communication partners before going to the next segment. The online part total takes about 6-9 hrs. At the end is a test.

      Part 2 is 8 hrs long and done live at the Harvard Club. The training follows the principle of a “flipped classroom” where the online Level 1 is the preparation, and Level 2 is intensive practice in small groups and deepening of the understanding.

      The training is transcultural – it is focussed on the preferences of the patient/communication partner and geared to recognized and respect that people have different communication preferences and how to respond while feeling comfortable about it oneself. Building rapid rapport and diffusing tension is a key focus particularly in unsympathetic situations.

      We are working on a Dutch version and we have trained in german. To accommodate different languages when we train teams in their hospitals we have the Post Training Support Portal that allows multilingual input.

      Hope this helps
      Elvira Lang

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