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“Comfort Talk benefits the entire department from the person sitting at the front desk to the language that you use. You use it on every patient every day, and you use it when you talk to each other too. It just increases the overall standard of your environment.”
– A Director of Imaging Services From A Major Hospital
“If you have a child that is walking to the room very calm and takes the mask calmly or has the IV put in calmly, it just makes the whole process much smoother and faster, and calmer and less stressful for everybody involved. Not just for the patient but for everyone.”
- Jacqueline Vegas, Nurse for Children’s Hospital in Toronto, Canada
“We had about 12 trainees – nursing staff, technical staff and also some administrative support staff to go through an intensive 2-3 day training with Dr. Lang and two of her associates. It was eye opening, learning new ways to interact with patients, not only when using self-hypnosis techniques, but even over the phone with our language with patients, and when they come in, with our body language.”
- Mary Ellen Tobey, Client services Manager, North Shore Magnetic Imaging Services