I Got Hypnotized to Convince Myself to Go to the Gym. Here’s How It Worked.

Dr. Elvira Lang is featured in this article from Men’s Fitness about defining hypnosis and its practical applications – 

Roger Clemens clucking like a chicken. Of all the many pop culture references that exist for hypnosis, that’s the one that keeps popping into my head. It’s from a scene in The Simpsons, the softball episode, in which Mr. Burns has his team of professional ringers hypnotized to improve their performance. But thanks to an inept hypnotist, Roger Clemens ends up clucking like a chicken. Of course, I know that won’t happen to me.  I know because my hypnotist, sitting across the room from my criminally comfortable Barcalounger, says it won’t.  For full article. http://www.mensfitness.com/life/hypnosis-trance-gym-fitness-health-mens-feature


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