Case Studies

For nearly two decades we have developed and refined the rapid rapport and quick hypnotic techniques we now teach in our Comfort Talk ® sequence. Here are a few cases studies from our experience with thousands of patients:

The following is a documented report of a patient who had three diagnostic studies of his blood vessels (angiograms) without Comfort Talk and his response after his fourth therapeutic angiogram with Comfort Talk:

“That was the fourth angiogram I had. And this was the one I was the most able to keep my legs still and really focus on my breathing. And I am absolutely convinced that it was the coaching that made this possible.”

Patient’s wife:
“After Monday night’s angiogram (angiogram No 3 without Comfort Talk), he was in much rougher shape after the procedure on Monday and Tuesday, and half a day Wednesday. After today’s procedure (after guidance with Comfort Talk) he is already just fine.” This report was taken just three hours after the procedure with the patient having dinner.

After a prior simpler procedure this patient had to be admitted for two days for poor recovery from conscious sedation. He then underwent a kidney stone removal with support of the techniques that are the foundation of Comfort Talk.

Talking right after the procedure: “With just a tiny bit of medication and hypnosis this one was a breeze.”

Dr. Tim Johnson, Medical Editor of ABC Good Morning America interviewed this patient and asked him, “How do you compare this procedure using the hypnosis to the one you had before without it?” The patient’s reply was, “Well this one here I am much more alert afterwards, much more awake.”

The patient was discharged home the same day.

A patient wanted to have Comfort Talk instead of any pharmacological sedation when she learned that she needed to have a needle biopsy for her enlarged thyroid. The hospital where she planned to have her procedure done balked at her request for procedure hypnosis even though she was going to bring Dr. Lang with her to provide the service. When the facility refused to grant the patient’s request she decided to switch hospitals and opted for a physician who was open to the concept. The patient then transferred all of her subsequent care including biopsy, diagnostics, surgery, and aftercare to her new hospital.

Here’s what she had to say after her biopsy (done with Comfort Talk.) “I walked out into the street. I felt exuberant. It was as though I’d spent the last hour having an energy treatment! It truly was unbelievable that I would feel that good after a potentially painful medical procedure.”

A 19-year old female liver transplant patient required several staged procedures to treat bile duct blockages. During her first two procedures she received large amounts of pain-relieving medication with extended recovery thereafter. During the third procedure she opted for a small amount of medication along with self-hypnotic relaxation. Here’s what she had to say while eating her lunch very soon after the procedure:

“Yeah, it definitely works. You are awake and you feel some pain at times, but you don’t nearly feel it as much because your mind is not focused on it.”

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